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Often during a shoot, I get excited about an image… and my go-to reaction is to show my clients the back of my camera. And without fail, for some strange reason, I get the surprised response of, “Oh my gosh… you make me look pretty!!!” So after hearing that time and time again, I realized why I love what I do, and what my passion is…. to use my camera to reveal the beauty that has always been there, but has been forgotten– or maybe never seen.

I grew up always loving photography and being told on a pretty regular basis that I had an “eye”. I guess that means I could see things that some, or most people didn’t slow down long enough to notice. And I learned over time how to capture what I was seeing in my mind through a lens.

That being said… I hope you know what a true joy and honor it is for me to be considered in capturing these precious days of yours and mine… called life. There is nothing else I would rather do.

Meghan Lubeck