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How they Met

Luke is a Yelp Ambassador in San Luis Obispo County, CA. Tiffany is a Yelp Ambassador in Grand Rapids,
MI. In their early days with Yelp they were flown to an annual convention in San Francisco for training.
This is where Luke and Tiffany met for the first time. Though they were fond of each other, they realized
CA was too far from MI for any real relationship to happen. But, each excelled in their respective
positions so much so Yelp flew them the next year to another convention where they spent time
together. Yup, Yelp put them together and they decided there was something there pursue…each
other. When they started this long distance relationship they promised each other they would be together as
often as possible. Ever since they made that promise, the combined total travel they endured to be
together included 36 different airline flights, 37 thousand air miles and 3,500 miles in road trips and that
doesn’t include their recent cross country trip from Michigan, in a U-Haul, towing a car and carrying all
of Tiffany’s belongings to relocate her to their new home on the Central Coast of California.
But, I’m getting ahead of the story. You see, they actually got married for the first time June 3, 2018 at
the Little Red Barn in Nunica, MI. That wedding was for Tiffany’s family and friends. A grand event with
all the things you’d expect as a wonderful wedding. Then, the very next day, Luke and Tiffany finished
packing all of her stuff and headed west for their next wedding.

Los Angeles Backyard Wedding Ceremony

These are the pictures of wedding #2 at Luke’s uncle’s house in Northridge, CA. This wedding was for
Luke’s family and friends. This one was a little less conventional. Oh, not because it took place in a
lovely backyard with a tennis court and swimming pool and not at a traditional wedding venue. No, the
plan was to make it personal, family-like and intimate. The thing that made this wedding unusual was
the weather. Their second wedding, July 8, 2018, was on one of the hottest days in recorded weather
history for that area. 110 degrees!
Knowing the weather was going to be this hot, family members began texting everyone coming to the
wedding to bring a change of clothes. A bathing suit no less. Yup, after the ceremony, the wedding
reception became a pool party including a 20 foot high bounce house water slide. No kidding.
A good time was had by one and all!

This is just the beginning of the wonderful love story of Luke
and Tiffany Williams…


“Thank you! Wow, such a fast turnaround! We’re on our first day in Maui for our honeymoon and this will be so much fun to sit down and go through! What a treat, they look fantastic at first glance and I can see why Laura spoke so highly of you. Thank you for taking the time and making the exception to help us out for a short period but still giving your all! I really appreciate it and know Tiffany will be thrilled!” – Luke


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